samedi 10 février 2007

Immigration is a global issue, however the grass is not always greener the other side of the fence.

Regarding Carl Rove comments: from "The Corner" article

Rove on immigration: 'I don't want my son to have to pick tomatoes'

Let's talk about "legal" immigrants, people approved by INS to adjust their status through their work or family.
As Rep. Howard L. Berman (D. North Hollywood) to Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar for The Los Angeles Times in his article Backlog of Immigrant Paperwork Growing, 03/29/2004:
"Even though we say we want immigrants to go through the legal process and not come here illegally, we make the legal process as cumbersome and difficult as we can, that is encouraging the very illegality we are trying to deter."

"The trap! Do the right think and be punish for that"!
With so much talk about immigration, mostly about illegal immigrants, let me tell you about the forgotten ones, the legal immigrants approved by INS but reduced to live in Limbo as long as it might take, sometime 10 to 15 yrs:
Once your case has been approved by INS, you can stay in the US on the condition that you will not work legally nor travel outside The US (a must for some profession). How are you going to support yourself if you are denied the basic human right to earn a living? The law makes it even harder if you are a skilled professional no matter what you will be told. There are good lawyers and unfortunately the one who promises you a speedy solution as long as they can get your $, they end up in the Hamptons with your money and you end up sharing a slice of bread, dreaming of marmalade with no solution in sight.
As years goes by you are told to be patient and suggested to keep a law profile, your time will come, so you hope and hope and wait. Of course, you can always go back to your country of origins but after having invested everything in your country of adoption, making a life, having a family and most of the time deprived of financial means to start over, it is not always easy.
Even if you decide to leave voluntary, you will still find yourself trapped: you are prohibited by law to return to the US for ten years where by now you have personal ties.

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